Welcome to the P.M.A.A. GUN RANGE


NSCA Level ll Instructor Harry Woolley will be available again this summer for shotgun shooting instruction beginning June 1st. This is the third summer that Harry has been available for wingshooting instruction here with us. Many of our members have enjoyed the opportunity to improve their shotgunning skills with Harry's coaching. He teaches the instinctive style of shooting, which relies on the students natural ability to use their eyes to point at a moving target, with the gun, and hit it.  Harry does private lessons at a cost of $75 per hour. He also does group lessons for up to 5 people for a total of $125 per hour.  If you would like to see more broken targets, email or call him at HarryLWoolley@AOL.com or 970-406-0654 to book a lesson.                       

harry woolley


 This is a link to the NATIONAL WHEATHER SERVICE WEBSITE. Please use this link for steel target shooting days.

New rule about children at the PMAA gun range. NO children under the age of 10 years old will be alowed on the range.


The Archery Range Is Now Open. Just $10.per day