Welcome to the P.M.A.A. GUN RANGE

Harry L Woolley Jr, NSCA Certified Level ll Instructor, will be holding a Sporting Clays Shooting Clinic at PMAA shooting range on May ?? 2018. The subject matters covered will be:
The Basic Elements for Shooting Success; Stance, Posture, Head Position, Eye Awareness, Gun Fit, Gun Mount. 
Target Analysis; Type of Target, A.S.D, Flight Line, Kill Point, Hold Point, Visual Pick Up Point, Rhythm & Connection
Pre-Shot Planning; Outside the Box Preparation, Inside the Box Routine, Visualization, Quiet Eye. "L.A.T.___PULL"
Gun Management; Before the Shot, Between the Shots, Post Shot Self Analysis, Change for Success. 
Practice For Success; How and When to Practice, What to Practice, How Much to Practice. 
The Clinic will start at 10 AM and e&nd at 3 PM. With a maximum of 6 students. We will break for lunch at noon, please bring your lunch or a snack. We will be providing water and soft drinks during the clinic. Please bring at least a flat of shells. The cost of the clinic is $150 per person plus the cost of targets.
Please preregister by email to  HarryLWoolley@aol.com          

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  I have been notified by PMAA, that the gunrange will only be open to the public Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays. No more shooting at steel targets or up the draw. All this is untill further notice, Dave     

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